A Commitment to Safety


In business since 1932, Groendyke Transport is the steady leader in safety in the tank truck industry. We are the only eight-time winner of National Tank Truck Carriers North American Safety Champion award for best overall safety program and record in the nation. We won our first in 1973 and our most recent was awarded in 2019 for our 2018 safety efforts. We’ve also won numerous American Trucking Associations safety awards, including Safety Director of the Year, and hundreds of state, insurance and industry awards for safety and service.

Our commitment is to the safety of our drivers, support personnel, customers and the motoring public, to make sure everyone goes home safely every day. Meeting this commitment requires exacting processes, meticulous training and well-maintained, up-to-date equipment and technology.

We have a comprehensive, highly structured safety program enforced in all aspects of our operations. Our safety team is dedicated to ensuring and exceeding DOT regulatory compliance. Our safety team undergoes regular safety training and holds many safety certifications. They also assist with evaluating, training and observing our drivers to ensure safety compliance. We regularly use safety and maintenance field checks to eliminate accidents, injuries, and cargo losses, and maintain the highest degree of professionalism among our drivers and terminal personnel.

Finally, the equipment and maintenance programs at Groendyke Transport are first class. Regular preventive maintenance and high standards of cleanliness have given our fleet a reputation for having the cleanest, most well-maintained equipment on the road. Also, all tractors at Groendyke are on a five-year trade cycle to ensure our equipment has the latest in safety technology such as collision mitigation systems, air disc brakes and lane-departure detection.