A Dedication to Process



Our commitment to continuous innovation includes the streamlining of our processes to produce consistent, high-quality results. It plays a key role in our commitment to delivering excellence™ for our customers. That’s why we constantly strive to improve our processes and work tirelessly to ensure they are followed across the company. The results can be seen in our impeccable safety record, low out-of-service rate, high on-time delivery percentage and other efficiency, compliance and customer satisfaction metrics.

Responsible Care Partner

Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s comprehensive Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHS&S) performance improvement initiative. Groendyke Transport is a partner with the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and as such subscribes to their Responsible Care initiative concerning EHS&S.

As a Responsible Care Partner, Groendyke has implemented a Responsible Care Management System (RCMS). RCMS is a global initiative that provides a framework in which companies can promote best practices for safe, secure, and environmentally sound chemical management throughout the industry’s supply chain. Within this structured system, Groendyke implements and audits processes and procedures to achieve compliance with regulatory and internal requirements, operate safe and environmentally sound facilities, and safely transport products.

Lean Principles

Groendyke Transport trains select members of leadership in Lean principles to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes. These tried-and-true principles have helped companies across the globe improve their performance for decades, and their effects can be seen in many of Groendyke’s processes today.