The Best Equipment
on the Road

Through a comprehensive, in-house preventive maintenance program and a commitment to reinvest in our people through new equipment, Groendyke Transport has a reputation for safe, reliable and optimally functioning equipment. Groendyke also puts a premium on keeping its equipment clean and free of dents and dings because we understand the look of our equipment reflects on our company, drivers and our customers. 



The Equipment You Need

Our tractors are on a five-year trade cycle so our drivers have the benefits of the latest in safety technology, comfort and performance. All tractors have roll-stability technology, collision mitigation systems with lane-departure detection, and air disc brakes.

Our trailers undergo regular inspections and maintenance to keep them in top shape, and new trailers are added to the fleet every year. Air disc brakes are standard on all new trailers. Our fleet is equipped with the gamut of trailer types so we can meet your needs. Trailers include:

  • MC307 and DOT407 insulated stainless steel trailers, many equipped with in-transit heat and heat exchangers. Single and multi-compartment configurations available.

  • DOT 412 trailers for heavy corrosive liquids. Include reinforced supports and roll guards over valves.

  • DOT406 trailers for gas, diesel, av-gas, jet fuel, ethanol and biofuels.

  • Asphalt trailers for hot asphalt, emulsions and residual products.

  • Molten sulfur trailers equipped with breathing air bottle for safe loading and unloading.

  • MC331 trailers for propane, butane and propellant gases under pressure.

  • Aluminum pneumatic trailers for flour and non-food-grade bulk products.